New Hope 13

Walking alone in this crisis
we would despair
if it were not for the love of God
Who leads us.
His wings of protection, they cover us,
His love shines down upon us,
and we are not alone.

Sing a new song of rejoicing each day
that we are alive
despite the plague
and the isolation
and the fear that surrounds us.

We will do what we can do,
walk where we can walk,
and wait upon the Lord
to turn the tide of illness
that pervades our land.

Tomorrow the reality
of days confined may set in
and we may wonder
"Where do we go from here?"
But right now, we will
remain at home,
snuggled between the safety of reality and fear
as we wait for the sweet release
to venture out once more
to laugh, to feast, to play
and not worry about tomorrow.

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