New Hope 8

God is here,
He has not left us
nor turned His face from us.
He is the God who sees
our troubles, our fears, our needs.
Let us never fear that we are all alone
for God is near us, beside us,
and in our hearts
if we ask Him to give us strength
and His peace.

New Hope 7

Your blessings wash over us, Lord,
of peace and sleep,
health, wholeness, and love.
Let us not despair,
but put our trust in Thee.
You will bring us songs in the night,
and hope as the morning sun
Awakens the world,
to healing, contentment, and joy.

New Hope 6

Thank You, Lord,
that in the spiritual world,
the battle has ended.
It was already over before it had begun.
God is in control of this world, of our lives
if we choose to follow Him
and give Him our hearts.
"Let not your souls be troubled, never be afraid,"
the scriptures resound with promises,
that our God has made.
We need to see with spiritual eyes
The war's already won,
claim our peace, trust in God,
and see the victory!

New Hope 5

I'm trusting in You, Lord,
I have no way to change the past,
no way to know what tomorrow will bring.
My days seem uncertain,
quiet solitude fills my time,
but You, alone, will prevail.

Touch those who are ill, Lord,
speak peace to Your people,
when we need to trust.
Please take away the doubts
that brighter days will follow
for Your love can shine through us,
loving and encouraging us
as our minds are staid on You.

New Hope 4

The times of our lives seem so uncertain,
and yet, as the sky after fleeting rain,
a patch of blue can be seen on the horizon.
We are like a villager after a terrible storm.
We walk as if in a trance to discover
that we are still here,
unharmed and stronger than before.
Let us wait for our redemption
when we can worship together once more,
clasping hands in faith and praising God
that His redemptive work
has seen us through.

New Hope 3

Oh, the beauty of the ashes
when we realize our hearts are new.
Painful things surround us,
but Your love is in us,
holding, forgiving, ever true.
Let us help those who need us,
and not turn our faces from those in despair.
The lion roars and the earth is shaken,
and yet our God is evermore.
Let our hearts be light,
for His truth surrounds us,
The Lord is in our midst,
and we are not forsaken.
Let our courage rest in Thee,
You are God over these circumstance,
You alone know our destiny.

New Hope 2

Our destiny awaits,
and yet we are distraught.
we already long for safer times
when fear and lack did not loom
upon the horizon.
We cannot hover together
for fear of contagion,
and yet, we need one another's
friendship, smiles, and touch.
Let those who can share,
show love.
Let those who are without,
be replenished
as we open our hearts and our hands
to those in need.
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