God is the strength I need.

His forgiveness stays me

On the course I must walk.

His love echoes forgiveness.

No longer shall I seek

To be confined

By the things of this world,

But walk in newness of a life

Engrafted in Jesus,

His ways,

His forgiveness,

And His love.

New Hope 15

We believe that life will change.
Stores will reopen their doors,
People will return to work.
Joy will fill our lives once more.

But as we linger in this isolation,
We wait...
     holding our loved ones close
     perhaps not in our arms,
     but in our hearts.

New Hope 14

This is the dilemma
to stay or to go --
to serve my world
and risk infection,
or to stay home
in its relative safety
and wait for the plague to lift.

A rigorous watching of the news
tells me I may remain
isolated for days, perhaps weeks,
but my life is passing too quickly
and there is much to be done.

Lord, give me the wisdom
to do what You want 
that my life will be useful to others
even in ways I may not comprehend
as I give, I pray, I share, and I wait.

New Hope 13

Walking alone in this crisis
we would despair
if it were not for the love of God
Who leads us.
His wings of protection, they cover us,
His love shines down upon us,
and we are not alone.

Sing a new song of rejoicing each day
that we are alive
despite the plague
and the isolation
and the fear that surrounds us.

We will do what we can do,
walk where we can walk,
and wait upon the Lord
to turn the tide of illness
that pervades our land.

Tomorrow the reality
of days confined may set in
and we may wonder
"Where do we go from here?"
But right now, we will
remain at home,
snuggled between the safety of reality and fear
as we wait for the sweet release
to venture out once more
to laugh, to feast, to play
and not worry about tomorrow.

New Hope 12

This is the new normal--
to rise in peace
and listen to what God speaks to my heart 
about my assignments for today.

Loving others from afar,
I sew face masks for my neighbors, my family,
God is good to give me
the ability to reach out
while we remain apart.

Lord, help me to meet these challenges,
to dream of freer days
as I write, I sew,
I work in my garden
coaxing new life to grow
in my heart, my neighborhood,
my city, and my world.

New Hope 11

Our eyes are now open.
We see that life is fleeting.
Storm clouds may gather
While the sun continues to shine.

Let our lives reflect Your love, Lord.
Help us to leave a legacy
of peace and caring and hope.

Chains fall off when we realize
that the world was not
made by our own hands,
but God who controls the universe
loves us, and understands our needs,
our hopes, our chaos,
as life collides with our own plans.

Let us leave the future to You,
as we await freer days
to run, to gather together,
to clasp hands, to sing.

New Hope 10

There's summer in the air.
The grass is turning green,
new buds form and pop open
as if following an unseen commander.
God has placed everything in His time,
the seasons, the ocean tides,
the stars in the night sky,
the rotation of the planets.
How, then, can we doubt His magnitude
or His love for us
that He gave us this beautiful world
in which we thrive?

Father, help me not forget Your deity
and continue to trust in Your wisdom
as I remain confined in my home,
still and quiet, and seeking You.

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