New Hope 2

Our destiny awaits,
and yet we are distraught.
we already long for safer times
when fear and lack did not loom
upon the horizon.
We cannot hover together
for fear of contagion,
and yet, we need one another's
friendship, smiles, and touch.
Let those who can share,
show love.
Let those who are without,
be replenished
as we open our hearts and our hands
to those in need.

New Hope 1

This is a time of change and expediency,
people are rushing to restock pantries and shelves
preparing for disaster,
but disaster has already struck.
Complacency is no more.
Now is the time for us to pull together
as we stand apart,
waiting for the plague to lift,
hoping for a better life
as we renew old commitments
to our faith, our family, our friends.

Bubbles of Blessings

You help me sing                                           

In the valleys                                                 

Wading through the streams                        

Watering my life                                            

With Your love.                                              

Help me to remember

That You are my source.

Your blessings bubble up

And follow me.

Welcome to 2020

Trusting and grace
Are two very different things.
One involves an act of the will
To believe the words of the Savior.

God's grace comes down
From Heaven and showers us
With His love and promises
Never earned, but always needed.
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